Friday, December 11

T & M must be reading my posts!

T & M must be reading my posts as they have drastically cut the price of their amaryllis bulbs click here.

The most common varieties are £2.99 for a bulb. (I'm not a happy bunny as they are two of the bulbs we bought last month).

They also have some more exotic varieties from £4.99 - I'm tempted but my house could end up looking like a jungle. If you do succumb to temptation then send me a picture of your flowers so I can enjoy from a distance!


  1. They only have seeds in the US. Bummer! I'm glad you got bargains. Love Amaryllis.

  2. I'm afraid I didn't get a bargain either as I bought mine before the discounts!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the visit and comment. As you know, I'm mad about amaryllis; saw some on sale today that have started to grow, but it's just too cold and windy to subject them to the bitterness, even running from store-car and car-house. After the weather gentles I'll go back and get a couple more, even if they're the same as I have now. Can't resist a little extra colour.


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