Saturday, December 19

A Christmas Greeting to all my visitors

Photo taken last year in our garden. The birds need a bath even in freezing conditions. Even though we haven't had much snow here only a bit of a sprinkle (see weather blog) it is below freezing so it is a full time job keeping the ice in the bird bath at bay. Each time the kettle is boiled for a drink I have to pop out and thaw the bird bath. It makes me shudder just watching the birds. I think the doves just have a paddle to warm their feet!

Next job is probably making them a Christmas treat or two.
One note of warning though when making fat cakes The RSPB is warning that cooked turkey fat is extremely dangerous to birds. This fat could actually kill them. The RSPB also say that fat left over from cooking meat should also be avoided. For more information click here

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  1. My DH looked out this morning and asked, "Are those Robins in the Birdbath? When it turned warm again did they think it was Spring?"

    Sure enough. Robins, politely taking turns. I put out fresh water a few minutes ago.

  2. thanks for the tip on the turkey fat...although I have never used it it's nice to know so I don't inadvertently harm them. I love to feed the birds and this time of year especially like to keep up my stocks of seeds, fats and nuts for them!!

  3. never knew that about Turkey fat - thanks for the tip - I'll pass that along to others. Love your picture of the " communal bird bath" We got a bit more snow today - I've some pics at my place too plus a link to some radar maps you might be interested in.


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