Friday, December 11

So why do you grow your own?

For some time I have had a web poll on this blog asking why people grow their own and the results are shown below. If you click on the image a larger view is available

As you can see the top reasons given were:
  • Just a general quality of life choice
  • For health and the quality of food
  • Enjoyment of gardening
  • To avoid pesticides
Generally though we grow our own for a wide variety of reasons. Have you a different reason for choosing to grow your own fruit and vegetables?

A new poll has been added to the sidebar which links with reason four on the list - will you be using manure this year? If you are wondering why I ask this question then you must have missed all the problems caused by contaminated manure over the past couple of years. If so read this.

If you like us are not using manure what will you be using instead?

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  1. I grow my own for the satisfaction of knowing that what is put on the table came from my hard work..and the well as the pesticides and organic reasons..and the hobby...and health....getting out in the fresh air..spending time as family..teaching the kids where it all starts...oh soooo many reasons!!!


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