Thursday, December 10

I may just be becoming obsessive but ...

I may just be becoming obsessive but that's what happens when you can't really get out in the garden.

Little things assume major importance.

This isn't, however such a little thing - just look at my sister's amaryllis (I've now settled on calling it this even if it isn't officially accurate) now! This is after just three weeks.

Not that I am giving up without a fight in the first to get a flower competition.

Both my bulbs now have buds shooting and one of them now has two.

My sister's is a red variety and I have a pink and a white variety. Probably red ones just grow quicker - any excuse!

Read the posts below and here if you are suffering from plant growing withdrawal symptoms and are becoming just as obssessive as me and want to follow the saga.

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  1. Haven't had time to come on for a while with all the christmas stuff but great to be able to go back and read through everything...I'm hoping to have more time now to write something on my own blog and keep up with everyone else's....


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