Tuesday, October 14

Wanton damage!

Alastair took these photos on Monday evening around 8:30. Someone’s hard work gone to waste! Please report ANY damage to the police – no act of theft or vandalism is too small to report! Also report any loss or damage to Sue or Jan so that we can keep records. If you saw anything suspicious on Monday evening prior to this time please report it to a committee member. As you are aware the gates should be locked at all times - failure to do this could mean that someone else suffers! We have email addresses for many plot-holders, however if you do not have an email address or don't check email regularly, you may prefer to let us have a contact telephone number so we can keep you updated of any problems on your plot.


  1. Gosh, that's awful. Such a waste. I can never believe anyone would do such a thing, and just for no reason at all.

    I haven't got an allotment yet, but I'm on the waiting list for one. It's the only thing that worries me, is vandalism. In your experience, does it occur very often?

  2. Hello Emma,
    It very much depends on your site, location amount of security etc. Each site is very different. Try reading this forum
    Sheds can be a target - if you don't have one you will experience less of a problem.
    There is also some advice here http://www.farmgarden.org.uk/ari/documents/safesites.pdf

    We report all incidents to the police and look forward to working more closely with our local constable. As far as the police are concerned and damage/theft on an allotment site is just as serious as on private property. That's what our police tell us.

    As for our recent damage we did have someone who said they knew who was responsibile and the information has been passed on to the police.


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