Friday, October 3

September's diary is now complete

September's diary and photoshoot are now complete click here to visit.
I cheated a little with these photos as they were actually taken on 2 October, I was away on holiday for the last two weeks in September so didn't manage the usual photoshoot. (For those of you who DON'T find other peoples' holiday snaps boring I have included a few of ours - for those of you who do then sorry! Just ignore them). September was yet another disappointing month (I am really fed-up of saying that). On TV last night was an article explaining how our native deciduous trees are suffering - partly due to lack of rain!!!! Another problem appears to be that pests that would usually be killed off by the cold winters are now surviving and building up their population. As gardeners, we have experience of this too with whitefly populations building up. Other pests that would usually not be found in our country are moving north and colonising. The forecast is for another mild winter so the problem is set to worsen, and yet in the first week of October they are forecasting potential ground frosts on a night. Is it just me who finds understanding the weather and all the predictions and assessments about where our climate is heading to be confusing?
All that aside it is very autumnal now - as the sunspots on the photos prove, when the sun actually does decide to show itself it is very low in the sky and has little strength as far as warmth goes. Plots are being cleared and it very much feels like this season is drawing to a close. Being gardeners we all look forward to next season and hope for better things to come! Time to dig out the catalogues - don't forget to use our links to gain us a bit of commission for our fence fund!

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