Monday, October 13

October Diary update

The October diary has been updated click here to read.
This weekend has been like a belated summer. The weather has been lovely but one difference is that the beds on the plot are becoming bare as the season draws to a close. We are also planting one or two things to over winter such as winter onions. There are still enough flowers to gather for vases for the house but no doubt shortly the first frosts will put paid to that. We are also still gathering berries. Last year we gathered the last of the alpine strawberries in November when we had our first keen frost. We'd like to sow more alpine strawberry seeds this year and would really like to try a different variety. The problem is that the only variety that we can find is Mignonette which is the one we already grow. Does anyone know where we can find anything different?
You can't really mistake the fact that autumn is now well and truly with us as the trees are very much now in their autumn phase. Lovely colours for some and bare branches for others!

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