Tuesday, October 28

October Diary Update

The above photos were taken on 27 October 2008. Snow and really cold weather was forecast for the 28th (it was really frosty this morning and it certainly is cold but as yet no snow), so I thought that I'd beat it by taking the photos the day before. It was a sunny day although at this time of year the sun doesn't give much warmth so it was a three layer day. The sun was really low and made photography rather difficult so some of the photos had to be discarded due to sunspots. At times I couldn't really see what I was aiming at! The leylandii hedge along our southern boundary is already beginning to be a problem casting heavy shade onto some of the plots - the photos don't adequately reflect this as I tweaked them a little to improve the quality. Unfortunately it was unavoidable to get my shadow in many. We were the only pair down on site when I took the photos - although one or two others came and went. It's a sign of the time of year. Some plots are almost clear, having only a few winter vegetables left in the ground or some planting to overwinter for harvest in early spring. Other plotters visit to feed their livestock which need attention whatever the weather.

To view the larger album and the October diary click here
Being gardeners we all look forward to next season and hope for better things to come! Time to dig out the catalogues - don't forget to use our links and shopping pages to gain us a bit of commission for our fence fund!

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