Thursday, July 24

Not the time for complaisance!

At this point aminopyralid products have been withdrawn by the manufacturer only on a temporary basis, however it needs to be appreciated that herbicides that contain this ingredient will have been used already this year. According to available information the herbicides used this year could be affecting our supply of manure for at least two more years and probably for longer than that depending on how manure is stored prior to distribution. It is therefore, crucial that you only buy your manure from trusted sources - that is from sources who know exactly what has been used on the product from the very beginning of the chain of supply.


  1. Absolutely GLA! Still its a start that it has been withdrawn..

    BTW there is an award awaiting you on my blog, right click and copy the picture and put it up on yours! Then ( if you want to) find 7 other blogs to pass it on to.


  2. It certainly is a start and a good result


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