Wednesday, July 23

DOW withdrawing products containing aminopyralid!

Below is a copy of part of an email from PSD - Information Services to MEP Nigel Farage!

"Dow have now indicated that they are withdrawing products which contain aminopyralid from sale and PSD is formally suspending their authorisations whilst we investigate the options for preventing arecurrence of this problem. A key issue in our consideration will bewhether the conditions of use regarding manure are sufficient, or sufficiently well known".


  1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2008

    To the best of my knowledge, the product label prohibits the use of compost after livestock has grazed land where aminopyralid was used.

  2. As the information on our website explains - in fact there is a link to the actual label information -you are correct - it does. However, it seems that some people have not been reading the label or ignoring the advice on the label or not passing information down the chain of supply.

    One problem is that no-one seems interested in tracing who has breached the 'conditons' of use and either educating them or if necessary prosecuting them for blatant misuse. Another problem is end users i.e. those buying manure are not aware that this is something that is likely to be a problem when buying manure or in some cases commercially bagged manure/compost products.

  3. AnonymousMay 17, 2009

    WE had some problems 3 years ago with our broard beans curling and the pods became deformed, thought someone had been spraying weeds nearby and overspray had blown onto our plot.
    No problems the following year or last year, but this year we have the same problem with the broard beans and the potatoes, and have come to the conclusion that the muck from our usual suplier is contaminated.

    It seems that farmers still have stocks of the suspended herbiside and are still using it so be aware anyone buying FYM as it may be contaminated.

    A rather upset allotment holder


  4. RB,
    You are the not the only person to mention this - we have a case where a stable owner was still using aminopyralid based herbicide up until a month or so ago and said they know nothing of the suspension.
    If you email me you experiences and location - I'll add you to my 2009 list.
    Also CRD have said they will follow-up any new cases.

  5. Should have posted a link to the 2009 victims page


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