Wednesday, July 9


DOW have published a web page of FAQs for allotment holders and gardeners with respect to the current problem. Click here to read.
Nothing new though!


  1. AnonymousJuly 11, 2008

    Have any soil samples been sent off to check what it could be?

  2. This is a difficult one.
    The press talk about the PSD asking for samples to test. However, any queries that I have made about this come up with answers like:
    Tesing is too difficult
    Testing is too costly
    Testing would be inconclusive as the amount of residue in the soil will be very tiny and any test may well give a negative reading when residue is actually present.

    Also the way in which the residue is released makes testing ineffective as soil could be tested on one occassion and be clear simply because the plant matter in the manure hasn't broken down sufficiently to release the residue.

    One emailer told me that she had been told by Defra that if she wanted soil testing it would cost £350 per test. You would obviously need several tests.

    I am not aware that PSD have carried out any tests as suggested by the media that they would - if anyone knows differently then please let me know.

    See the web page for comment from the RHS on use of indicator plants too as many of the comments would hold true with respect to testing


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