Tuesday, July 15

Allotments are a grey area?

And we thought we were a green area.
Eileen - one of our visitors from Surrey - wrote to the PSD and this was just part of the response that she received:
From a regulatory point of view, the law is not particularly clear about the supply of farmyard and stable manure to allotments and gardeners. The disposal of farmyard manure is covered by agricultural waste regulations, which are administered by the Environment Agency. However, where manure is used on agricultural land, it is not treated as waste, and although allotments are not agricultural land, the manure is being used for a similar purpose, so this is something of a grey area. On the other hand, manure from commercial stables appears to be covered by waste management regulations, which are also administered by the Environment Agency, but, again, the supply of stable manure to allotments also appears to be something of a grey area.

It is worrying that there appears to be no-one out there looking after our interests. So does this mean that anyone can supply us with manure containing absolutely anything?

The full contants of the email are posted on the web site click on the heading Pesticide Safety Directorate actions, information and comments
The reply also cites the fact that they haven't had many suggestions that bagged commercial applications have been the cause of contamination - so if you suspect a bagged product then it is important that you let PSD and your local Trading Standards Office know. Click here for contact address

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