Monday, July 7

Manure again - use of indicator plants

Our problem made it on to Gardeners' Question Time. They are asking for victims to make contact so it may be a good idea to drop them an email if you are a victim click here. I have and pointed them the our website. Maybe this route could help with publicity as the national media appear to be showing very little interest.
On the website I have added information about the use of indicator plants gained from a few questions to the RHS. Click here and scroll down to FAQs I have also added some additional reading links at the bottom on the web page.
Still adding information from others affected as they make contact to the web page click here Visitors to the web pages are in the hundreds daily so at least we are getting information out to some people. Please email and pester as many people as you can think of. Tell your local garden centre - supermarket - grocer etc. Visit as many blogs and forums as you can and tell them too - point them back to our website so they can access all the information that we have managed to glean.
Some of us are considering creating an e-petition. Would we get support for this?


  1. Hi there

    I am not affected personally by the tainted manure but after getting an overwhelming response to a myfolia journal about it I am setting up a website to highlight the issue and coordinate a campaign, including a petition and template letters. Your site is great and I am obviously directing my visitors to come visit you. I was wondering if you would mind if I placed your bubbleshare feed on my site - you would of course recieve full credit! This is really nasty business and the more of us there are making a collossal noise about it, the better, so it would be great to work together on this!!!

  2. Hello Silver
    Feel free to use the Bubbleshare feed but please add a link to our web site page on contaminated manure. (As the URL truncates I am having to spread it across two lines but there are plenty of links from postings on the blog)

    Already we have quite a group of people passing informaion to and fro and co-ordinating some of our ideas. We are at the moment working on the wording for an e-petition.

    Your input would be welcome too. The more the merrier!

    You can contact me via our email link of the blog or website .


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