Friday, June 20

Update on the contaminated manure problem

As we push on with our publicity campaign - an article has now been placed on the Kitchen Garden magazine website Also an article will appear shortly in the Yorkshire Post.

I emailed the RHS to enquire what the possible effects were on fruit bushes and perennials and had this advice.

"I imagine, as with other types of weedkiller damage, that the more established fruit bushes and trees will survive. Once the contaminated manure is in the soil, the breakdown of aminopyralid is much faster so affected trees and shrubs are likely to show signs of growing out of the problem by the following season. Raspberries do tend to be more sensitive to hormonal weedkillers than other fruit so they may show the worst symptoms. Perennial plants may too look badly hit but I think it is worth leaving them in the ground until the following year to see if they show signs of recovery".

It may interest you to know that none of the government departments that I have emailed have made any response.

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