Sunday, June 8

Work continues on the communal plot.

Lenny' and Jan have now finished erecting the posts for the storage bays. One side panel has been attached as this needed cutting to size due to the irregular shape of the plot. Jan now has the job of completely the task with any willing helpers that he can muster. The inside of the bays will be lined with weed suppressant membrane.
Once completed we hope to plant one or two shrubs under the pussy willow tree - just to make it look nice!
The side adjacent to the roadway will be edged using scaffolding boards to prevent the chippings from slipping away. Once this is completed we will think about constructing the raised beds. Ideally we would like a type of gazebo (anyone know where we can get a decent sized one very cheaply?) on the plot to provide shelter for meetings or gatherings during times when the weather is too wet or (ever the optimist - well I was until this week anyway) too sunny. By the way Jan - don't forget to pop up Pat's signs!!!


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