Thursday, June 26

Help from DOW

I have just had a long conversation with a representaive of DOW who I have to say was extremely informative and helpful. One point that is very important to make is that although aminopyralid which is manufactured by DOW will cause the symptoms that we have experienced, there are other companies manufacturing other products that will have the same effect. This means that if a faremer tells us that they don't use aminopyralid it does not mean that there is no chemical contamination. Wood shavings used for bedding horses may also have chemical residues that could cause the same effect. These may be industrial rather than agricultural. So if your supply is from a stable where horses graze chemical free pastureland this may not mean the manure is safe!

I asked some of the questions that have come up on our site and also in emails to me.

Answers to these questions are given on our web page. The page has lots of information so you will need to scroll down quite a way before reaching the infomation. Click here

The Dow person that I spoke to has said that he will check our website for accuracy and will get back to me if there are any mistakes, problems, additional information that we can add.

I just wish government agencies were as helpful. It appears that we allotment gardeners inhabit a grey area and no-one seems to know who should look into our problems.

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