Friday, June 6

Did you know your seeds?

seeds mix

In April I posted a sort of quiz asking if you could identify seeds from a set of photographs and I promised the answers a month later --- Oops! Well better later than never.
Click on the comments box for the answers. If you haven't had a go yet click here to view a larger version of the photos.
The answers and photos are also available as a PDF file on the website

1 comment:

  1. 1 Courgette
    2 Cabbage
    3 Cucumber
    4 Broad Bean
    5 Lettuce
    6 Sprout
    7 Tomato
    8 Spring Onion
    9 Runner Bean
    10 Parsnip
    11 French Bean
    12 Radish
    13 Carrot
    14 Garden Pea
    15 Swede
    16 Beetroot
    So how many did you correctly identify?


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