Sunday, October 7

Do you know your weeds?

Weeding is a job that is never over on the plot. As soon as a bed is weed free - seeds are set to germinate and start the whole process off again. It may be sad but I quite like weeding - I find it quite relaxing and strangely satisfying. Must admit some weeds are quite attractive (after all they are only wild flowers growing in the wrong place). Other weeds are last year's crops such as the 'volunteer' potatoes that have been missed during harvest or the annual flowers that have spread vast amounts of seeds in places where they were never intended to grow! Most of us who have spent time on the plot can recognise a weed but do you really know exactly what you are pulling up? Click here to read more about the plants that we constantly do battle with. Some being more troublesome than others.

One weed that I really do hate is goosegrass (you may know it as cleavers or something else as it appears to be know as many different names!).


It has barbed leaves that scrape the skin if you tackle it with bare arms. The same barbs allow it to 'stick' to any unfortunate plant growing nearby. Its seeds are also barbed and hitch a free ride by attaching onto clothing or animals fur.

From a tiny seedling it grows to large proprotions. If you don't pull from the base the brittle stems just break off leaving the root in the ground to regrow. It's just a complete pest! Maybe you think differently and have another weed top of your most hated list. Take part in our new poll or post a comment to tell us about it. Even better do both!

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