Monday, October 29

The development of Plot 46 into a communal resource.


We have started work on plot 46 with the intention of turning it into a communal resource. To see how we have got to the stage shown above click here.

The next stage will be to level the plot - hopefully we may be able to persuade a nice man with a machine to help with this. If you are a man with a machine and you operate close to our site at Green Lane then we would love to meet you.

Once the site is level we propose to cover the plot with a weed suppressant membrane. We think that there may be sheets of this languishing on some of our tenants plots, after having been used on a temporary basis whilst new plots were knocked into shape, (the stuff that Phil acquired rolls of). If you have any of this material that we can use then please speak to Dunni on plot 51.

Ideas, for the plot, so far are to build storage bays for manure, chippings and poultry waste. We would like to build a sort of BBQ structure to enclose Barry's fires. If possible we would like to pave much of the area but cost may prohibit this. Unless you know of anyone who would like to donate some paving flags to us.

Other ideas so far include a few raised decorative flower beds to provide an attractive welcome to the site. Another suggestion has been for a sort of wooden gazebo structure that could be used for meetings or gatherings when the weather is a bit wet. Obviously all this will take time as we need to raise some funding for this. (I know that we are also trying to raise money for our fence but some awards for which fencing is not eligible may be open to us). If anyone knows of any cheap or even free sources of materials such as breeze blocks, paving, bricks or timber please let us know. As usual I will be writing letters to potential benefactors and will acknowledge anyone who supports us on the blog and web site. If you have ideas about what you would like to see in this area then post a comment here. Also anyone who would like to help with the development will be more than welcome.

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