Thursday, October 18

Radio Leeds

I spoke to the Radio Leeds breakfast reporter today and he has confirmed that
they will be visiting us on Tuesday 23rd October - next Tuesday. We have slightly changed the timings due to the mornings getting darker. Now our breakfast show slots will be at 7:50, 8:20 and 8:50.

For the 8:50 slot they would like to hold a sort or impromptu carrot competition so can as many of you as possible provide us with a carrot for the competition. Remember if you come along you don't have to speak on the radio if you don't want to!!
If you can't come along then send a carrot instead and pass on your entry to us on site at the weekend. This could be the fattest, the longest, the one with the most 'legs', the strangest shape. We promise to look after it until Tuesday. This is intended to be a very light hearted competition not one to determione the supreme champion carrot!
It would be good to see people down on site for the whole of the time but if you can only manage the competition then you will be welcome.
It's our chance to get some publicity for allotment gardening so please do support us.

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