Sunday, October 14

Green Lane Messages

Next Full Meeting
Sunday 28th October at 1:00 p.m. on Jan’s plot.

Agenda to be posted later
Please let me know if there are any items that you wish to be added to the agenda by the Friday 19 October – A copy of the agenda will also be posted on the notice boards and the web site.
Please email me to let me know whether or not you will be attending. We need to know even if you do not intend to come along as this can affect our planning etc. Remember if you feel that you have something to say or an issue to raise then this is the time to do it.
In the case of heavy rain you can assume that the meeting will be cancelled but if it us just drizzling then bring along an umbrella and we will try to kept things short and sweet.
Hope to see you there!

Clearance of Communal Plot
In order to clear rubbish off the communal plot we have arranged for a skip to be delivered on site on Friday 19th October. If anyone could give us a bit of their time and help load some of the rubbish from plot 46 (the one with the pussy willow tree) into the skip we would be extremely grateful. Please do not bin the cans!!!

Just half an hour of your time whenever you are able would help considerably.

Please don't arrange for any manure, or any poultry waste to be tipped on the plot until we sort out some storage bays.

Radio Leeds
Radio Leeds is coming on site on Tuesday 23 October to feature us on the breakfast show. Get up early and come and support us if you can!
At the moment it is expected that we will have slots at 7:20 and 7:40 (updates will be posted next weekend)
Again please let me know if you can come along and thanks to those of you who have already agreed to take part or at least be on site.

Could you let neighbours without email/internet access know the contents of this message or point them to the site noticeboard - could you also ask them to pass on their email address to me if they have access to email so that they can make sure that they are kept informed.


  1. I assume that the skip will also be for the use of all allotment holders in order to allow rubbish and stone etc that are still being cleared from some of the plots to be disposed of?

  2. Dear Concerned Plotter
    (I feel like an agony aunt now!)
    I am sure that if we are all sensible that there will be room for everyone who needs to get rid of some rubbish that they can't get rid of by other means.
    Initially we asked for the skip so that we could start on the communal plot which hopefully will benefit all of us in some way or other as this area has been used as a dump for a while now and is an eyesore.

    However, just as long as we don't have someone who decides to get up early on Friday and fill the skip up with all their rubbish before we get a chance to clear anything else, (and I am sure no-one will do that), then we shouldn't have a problem.

    The skip will be on site for a week, so there should be no rush. Obviously we will want to use this opportunity to rid the site of as much rubbish as possible but it is only to be used for site rubbish so no bringing an old bathroom suite!!! Not that anyone would do that either.

    Hope plotter that you are not as concerned now!


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