Thursday, November 24

Another fungi or is it something else?

Wandering round the plot at the weekend I noticed some strange white substance on some of the blades of grass under the plum trees.
I couldn’t really decide whether this was animal or vegetable so as I always do on such occasions, I took some photos.
You can always get a much better look at something when you zoom in to take a photo.
I’ve discounted my first thought which was that the white coating was some sort of woolly aphid and think that we have yet another type of fungus or lichen.
From searching the Internet I think it’s some sort of slime mould. Not a very appealing name and one that conjures all sorts of sinister science fiction type scenarios!

Anyone got any better ideas?


  1. Yuck! They look like little ears. I suggest the nickname "Oriechetti Fungus".

  2. Oo that's lovely like rice pudding - can't help with the ID though - something I've never seen before. Lucky you.

  3. I never come accross them before. They do look a bit alien! hahahhaha....
    I think it's better to remove them before they spread out....

  4. Not sure what it is. But on closer look like small recent hatched eggs.

  5. I think it looks fabulous - particularly close up. Do you think its harming the plants?

  6. I might have known you would suggest a culinary name Mark.

    Rice pudding Elaine - like Mark another edible?

    I don't think they will spread on anything other than the grass Malar

    They do look like eggs Diana but it's definitely plant rather than animal.

    It is only on long grass Liz and doesn't seem to be doing any harm.

  7. Definitely looks like a fungus to me...though I wouldn't even like to hazard a guess as to name it!!

  8. I'll have to see if it is still there when I go to the plot next Tanya. Naming fungi isn't easy.


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