Wednesday, November 2

So what's been happening on the plot?

It's that time of year when the main purpose of visiting the plot - other than to harvest some fresh vegetables - is to clear, tidy and dig.

The approaching winter plot takes on a whole new look with many beds empty - they don't stay empty for long as now that we have had some rain the weed seeds that have been waiting for the chance to germinate are doing just that. This means we can't just sit back and relax once the beds are cleared, there is still weeding to be kept up with and grass to be kept tidy.
It's not all clearing though as we still have crops providing a harvest. It's now that the winter brassicas, leeks and parsnip move to centre stage. We've even been picking fresh strawberries and raspberries at the end of October!

Despite a disappointing year on the carrot front we have harvested some decent sized carrots but this year they'll be more of a treat than a staple food.

Our winter onions are beginning to shoot but soon all growth will be frozen - probably literally - until next spring.

In the garden greenhouse the garlic in pots and tubs is also beginning to shoot

This year - after a hopeless pea harvest - we decided to sow some pea seeds now. If this works, and the mice don't feast on the seeds, we may be able to achieve an early crop. We have covered the sowing area with chicken wire 'cloches' to try and stop any passing creature from digging them up but I don't suppose chicken wire is any protection against a determined rodent. If it doesn't work - well we have only wasted the cost of a packet of seeds!

If you are interested in a bit more detail then:


  1. You've got it looking ship shape already. My allotment's in a bit of a mess at the moment, having been neglected lately. I need to get it dug over sooner rather than later now. Glad to see that some carrots have come good for you, and there's definite sign of life in your fig, I think it was having you on.

  2. We do seem to be further on this year with the tidying up, Jo - I think it's because things were over quicker.

    As for the fig it's only a little shoot so it's been popped in the greenhouse - the one that was growing in the garden though it doing really well - that's in the garden greenhouse.

  3. You really have a lot going on at your allotments! Everything looks great!

    I have to get over to the plots this week and finish cleaning up, out and tend to the asparagus.

  4. I enjoyed your photo slide show. Your cabbages look so pretty (so so pretty, i'm jealous), mine are mostly eaten by pests. You have so many beds, looks like a huge amount of work, but looks to be paying off!

  5. Deterring the predators requires a fair degree of ingenuity, doesn't it? I hope your wire "cloches" do the trick.
    I love the Winter veg - especially sprout and parsnips.

  6. Good luck beating the rodents Sue! I've still not got around to sowing my early broad beans. Maybe once the plumber has finished...

  7. It all looks a bit empty though Robin.

    Our cabbages were covered with insect proof netting when the butterflies were about Kelli which helps a lot

    We are looking forward to sprouts this year Mark as for a couple of years now we have been sproutless - this year we planted a club root resistant variety which may have helped.

    We don't tend to sow early broad beans, Janet and it is the first time we have tried to overwinter peas so who knows what will happen!


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