Thursday, November 10

No garlic showing on the plot but ...

When we went to the plot at the weekend one thing I was curious to find out was - was there any sign of the garlic sprouting? Well as you will have guessed from the title of the post - there wasn't. It was planted a day after the cloves in the greenhouse but obviously hasn't had as comfortable a start in life.

A couple of things were sprouting though - the winter onions are doing really well. 
I tried to take the photo at slug eye level and it hasn't quite come off as the nearest shoot is really blurry - sorry about that! Also please shut your eyes to the weed seedlings I will pull them out promise.

Also at slug eye level the peas have germinated.

I just hope the slugs leave them alone and the wire mesh deters anything else that may fancy a juicy pea shoot. Now why didn't they come up like that in spring?


  1. I hope for the sake of those little pea seedlings that we don't get a Winter as severe as last one...

  2. I hope for our sake we don't Mark. We may pop some protection over the peas - it's really just a long shot!

  3. Good luck with the peas I have recently planted some seeds so far nothing how long do they usualy take to germinate

  4. At least the mice haven't had them before they've had chance to germinate, let's hope they continue to grow.

  5. Weeds, what weeds, I see no weeds...just a bit of organic matter awaiting composting.

  6. Maybe you will get lucky and the slugs will eat the weeds! Why don't they do that??

    Good luck with the peas and garlic! Keep us posted!

  7. Thanks Cathy who knows they may survive!

    That's very true Jo, although I suppose they could have had some. As long as they leave enough for us.

    That's what I like Liz - selective vision!

    It's strange isn't it, Robin as we are told many weeds are edibles! Seems pigeons are the same!

  8. Exciting to see the peas pop up, hope they survive. As for weeds, you 'aint seen nothing... Once I've finished painting upstairs I will be taking time out to do some serious weeding up at my plot, it is looking shameful.

  9. We have shameful areas too Janet but it's been too miserable weatherwise to get out and do something about it. Tramping around claggy soil isn't ideal - seems only yesterday we were complaining it was too dry - seems to be all or nothing!

  10. After last year I haven't tried winter onions again...they didn't really do very well for me and I have such a good stock from the summer season I didn't see the point in planting any!

  11. We are going through onions very quickly at the moment, Tanya as some are developing mould in storage!


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