Monday, November 7

Not to be outdone

We went to the plot for more harvesting and tidying but the first thing I did was pop around with my camera. Seeing as I posted a collage of the flowers still giving some colour on the plot it seemed only fair that I should do the same for the plot so here it is:
Lots of the annuals have taken quite a while to get going this year. The cosmos are very short but have decided that it's not too late to send out a few flowers.

The pink stocks and calendula were sent to me be from Australia by Diana - the Malay Kadazan Girl and the candytuft came from Bilbo Waggins. They sent me other seeds too but these are the ones still flowering. (I'm afraid the snake beans didn't like this summer's weather, Diana!)


  1. There's still plenty of colour on the plot as well as in the garden. Do you cut the flowers at the allotment for the house?

  2. Some I do Jo, others are either to pretty up around our sitting area under the fruit bushes and trees or are grown for the butterflies and bees

  3. The pink stocks have to be my favorite. So beautiful! I've never posted a collage on my blog but perhaps one day. They are always so creative and pretty when I see them on other blogs.

  4. Wow you still so have many blooms, although cold weather has already come knocking. Our stock blooming season is almost over. Climbing snake bean takes a long time to grow. I am trying dwarf bush snake bean this year. See how long it will take to start harvest. Just sowed some seeds this week.

  5. That's a lot of flowers in Autumn! It's a delight to have cut flowers at home!

  6. If you use Picasa downloaded free onto your PC it has a facility to create a collage - really easy! You can download Picasa here

    May we should have tried the snake beans in the greenhouse Diana but even then the summer wasn't really good enough for things to grow well in there either.

    There are not really enough to cut at the moment Malar - but it's good to look out of the window and see some flowers.

  7. Fabulous array of flowers Sue, a big plus side to this very strange autumn.

  8. We even have a hellebore flowering Janet. By the way I got my hydrangea!


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