Sunday, November 6

Does this one look sad to you?

As usual the tubs in our garden that have been cleared of summer plants have now been planted up with pansies. One of my favourite nurseries always has trays and trays of pansies at this time of year.

They are usually really good plants and are sold in trays that hold of 15 plants each in their own pot. The trays and pots are really useful too for growing on vegetable plants for the plot.

I bought a tray for us and one for my sister. Don't you think the colour range in each tray is brilliant. It should be as I spent ages moving plants from one tray to another until I got a tray where no two pansies were alike. There's always lots of yellow pansies so anyone late buying their plants probably end up with a tray full of yellow flowers.

The pansies are now planted up in their tubs.
But look at the one at the front of the tub on the top left - this one:
Don't you think that it looks sad? Maybe it is thinking of all that cold snow that could well cover it up just like it did its cousins last year. Let's hope it doesn't happen!


  1. Beautiful colours! I actually think this one looks rather cheeky! :)

  2. Pansies are an all time favourite for many people. I've had some white pansies that have put on a great show all summer.

  3. It's funny how we all see something else VG

    They're great for winter Kelli when there isn't much else.

  4. I don't think my pansy will hold up much longer with warmer weather coming here. I keep some pansy seeds last year and grow my own seedlings this year. But almost 100% of them came in yellow! I think we did save several colour. Maybe yellow colour are much dominant than others. Like the white and purple ones.

  5. the "sad" one reminds me of Yosemite Sam!

  6. Maybe the pansies were hybrid and reverted to type Diana.

    I had to Google that as I didn't know who that was, Mark Now I know and see what you mean but I think it's cuter.

  7. I usually have pansies in my hanging baskets over winter as they stand up so well to the winter weather, but I'm so behind this year that I haven't bought any yet. I'll probably be the one who ends up with the yellow ones then.

  8. You need to get to Swillington fast, Jo.

  9. Love it, you see sad, I see winking. Not sure what that says about me...

  10. I don't think it's sad, it's playing peek a boo with you!

  11. I hope you don't go around winking at people you don't know Janet!

    Peek a boo - that's cute Fran


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