Tuesday, June 1

Manure is still causing problems!

I had four emails last week from people affected after using what they suspect was manure contaminated  with hormonal herbicide. Both obtained manure that was produced prior to the new stewardship being put in place. This emphasises the need to continue to be cautious when obtaining manure. Where manure has been stacked the problem will persist. Stacking has NO effect on the contamination - it will NOT go away. The herbicide is only broken down when in contact with soil bacteria.

If you are thinking of obtaining manure please read the advice here to try and avoid becoming another victim.

If you suspect that you are a victim there is advice here

Also please email me so that you can be added to the 2010 victims list - in this way we can monitor the problem.

Another point is that another herbicide clopyralid is in a lawn preparation - Verdone+. This is available to amateur gardeners. Instructions do warn that after cutting grass, which has been treated with this chemical, that grass clippings should not be composted - you shouldn't put lawn clippings into council green waste bins either as if this material is used in compost it can caused similar problems to aminopyralid

Just to add please also inform the CRD and DOW giving them information about the problem as they are monitoring the effectiveness of the new stewardship.


  1. It's a continuing menace. I only use chicken manure from my own hens. At least I know it's not contaminated.
    The tragedy is that it's affecting people who grow their own food because they DO care about food quality and chemical contamination.

  2. All we can do VH is to keep banging on about it to make sure people know to be careful. A worrying development is the possible effect on council green waste. Some people say their council will not let them put grass clipping contaminated or not into the normal bin so they have to pop it in green waste which could find it's way into some commercial products. Even the aminopyralid stewardship isn't going to cure that one!

  3. I am so lucky that i have a cousin who supp;ies my manure from his pigs...i know exactly what he feeds them and know that it's safe. I don't out stuff on my grass but I know many people do so the compost problem i can imagine will be around for a while. I don't understand why they manufacture products like this...it make it so much more difficult for everyone else!!

  4. It's all very well instructions on a packed saying not to put contaminated clippings in the green dustbin but my (tired and cynical) experience is the people who don't care enough about our environment and biodiversity (and therefore use these chemicals) won't care about the risk of contaminating council compost. Sorry, over-long sentence but you know what I mean.

    A4U - these products are manufactured because they work and make money for corporations who don't care about the side effects. Don't get me started on Bayer, bees and nicotine-based products ...

  5. I heard about this problem last year, just devastating to lose crops to this contaminated manure. tough luck!

  6. I hope it's not as widespread this year as it was before, so many people lost their crops.

  7. PS: trying to get in touch with you but cannot see a "mail" link anywhere on your blog, can you please drop me a line at the view from at gofast dot co dot uk

    PPS: I think on your Blogger profile, your web page link still goes to your old URL

  8. Bilbo - You are absolutely right the reason Tanya is that many farmers like the product as they only have to apply it once a year and it is effective.

    Also Bilbo not only do people not care about popping 'nasty' stuff in their green waste bin but some are told by their councils that if they put the grass clippings in their normal bin the council won't empty it.

    JO and Matron - I was hoping I would hear nothing of the problem this year but I had another email this morning.

    I'll email you Bilbo but I think the email me link on the sidebar is working - maybe I need to move it up a bit and I'll change the profile too.

  9. HI BW - just looked at my profile and the email address is still correct - strange!

  10. Sorry, me having a senior moment ....


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