Monday, May 17

New website is now up and running

We have managed to transfer the contents of our website to its new location:
so hope that if you have any links to it on websites, blogs or forums you will change them. We still have lots of people visiting to view the information on contaminated manure so if you wish to link directly to these pages the link is:
With the relicensing of aminopyralid it is important that gardeners have access to this information so that if the problem recurs we can be aware.

If you have some time to browse the new site (you may need something to do whilst the weather is iffy) then please let me know if you find any typos, broken links, missing images etc. As you can imagine transferring everything in just a week was a mammoth task so mistakes are bound to have happened.

Links on earlier posts of the blog may still go to the old website until we have the chance to edit them.


  1. will you be putting a 'followers' widget on the new site??? What is going to happen to this one??

  2. Hope there's no glitches, the transfer seems to have gone pretty smooth at least.

  3. Hi Tanya,
    You can't really have a widget on the website as it hasn't the capacity for that. Nothing will happen to this - ut will all stay exactly as it is - as this is my blog - the site is something different. I know it's confusing as I tend to combine the two together.

    I hope so too Jo - a week of copying, pasting, reformatting, relinking - just as well the weather was poor and we could stay in without feeling we were missing out. Just can't seem to get the heading banner as I want it though - it doesn't seem to allow what I want!


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