Wednesday, October 15

Google Videos

We have decided to move from housing the video content on our website using YouTube to Google Video. All new videos will be in this format and we are going to transfer some existing videos too. We have never been really happy with the quality of YouTube videos and are having particular difficulties in the way it handles widescreen video.

We think that the quality of the videos when uploaded into Google Video although not perfect is much better. Rather than viewing on the web page, for a better quality still, each video can be viewed directly in Google.
To do this:

  • Click on the arrow on the Google emblem at the bottom right of the video browser.
  • Choose Go to Google Video

Don't opt for Ful Screen as the quality just isn't good enough when displayed in that format.

The August video diary has been transferred to Google Video

NB: The above image is just a screenshot of the video browser so it doesn't play the video!

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