Friday, March 30

Wild Flowers on Derelict Plots

Does anyone know the name of the wild flower photographed below? I can't find it in any books or on the Internet!
mystery Flower

During the time that there were many derelict plots on Green Lane, I took lots of photos of wild flowers growing on the overgrown plots. - OK well maybe they are weeds to you but many of them provided a bit of interest and colour. Click here to view a slideshow of the photos that I took over that time. Well there weren't many people to take photos of so I had to film something!

Be warned the slideshow takes a while to view and the music may start to annoy you after a while but you can always turn down the volume. I'll post the names of the plants that I can identify in the comments, attached to this post, later but click on the photo above for a better look and try and help me to identify the plant.

I suppose that I'll have to prepare myself for some daft suggestions!


  1. AnonymousJuly 29, 2009

    your mystery plant could be hedge mustard

  2. Thank you your the suggestion - it pointed me to the page in my wild flower book which seems to confirm that you are correct.

    Mystery solved.

    Unfortunately - in one way - all our plots are now taken and so we have few wild flowers. It's good to see so many enjoying growing their own though!


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