Wednesday, December 11

Indoor Gardening - The Gerbera


  1. Sorry I accidentally deleted the original post and comments by mistake soI've copied the comments and replies below

    What a gorgeous colour, and fabulous photos.

    Thanks, Jo I have a red one too bit it isn't flowering at the moment.

    Roger Brook
    From the florist Sue?
    I think I can guess your reply!

    Pot plant, Roger - did you guess correctly? Must admit I did buy the plant though - should try growing from seed shouldn't I?

    Julie @Dragonfly Gems
    That is a stunning colour! :o)

    It is vibrant, Julie

  2. I love red gerberas and luckily the garden centre near us has plenty to brighten up the house. Have a great week.

    1. At the moment I'm waiting for new flowers, Chel - hope your week is a good one too.

  3. Great photos, Sue. We jokingly call those flowers "Gerbils"!

    1. Fortunately they don't move as fast, Mark


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