Saturday, January 7

A welcome sight - in more ways than one!

We visited the plot yesterday to gather some vegetables as our stocks were getting low. We actually were quite pleased with our haul that Martyn posted a photo of on his blog here and were relieved to see that despite the gales we had suffered no damage.

One sight to uplift the spirits and tease me into thinking spring may just be around the corner was this.


  1. I do think that Mother Nature was teasing you!

    Nice harvest!

  2. a very welcome sight although a bit early. I checked my purple sprouting brocolli this morning, and its starting sprouting (far too early!) Enjoy your weekend. Amanda x

  3. It's been so mild, I'm about to venture out and see what signs of spring are about.

  4. A bit of color in the winter can really offer some cheer! I'm going to venture out today to see if I can find anything :) Cheers, Jenni

  5. Funny...I noticed just this morning the primroses blooming in my garden too...I guess I was way to distracted by the winds o notice anything pretty.

  6. Maybe lulling me into a false sense of security Robin.

    We had a few sprigs of broccoli with last night's dinner too Amanda

    It has been mild Damo - it's as if all the season's have merged this year summer was poor - winter mild (well so far!)

    It just gives you a bit of sense that winter may be on the wane Jenni but it could still come back to bite us.

    Mm the winds were definitely distracting Tanya

  7. I love primroses they seem to have been in flower for ever in my garden. I expect that by the time spring does arrive they will have exhausted themselves.

  8. Your comment about the seasons merging is very apt. Our climate used to be described as "temperate", but maybe "nondescript" would be a better term these days!
    Mind you, the storms this last week were anything but nondescript.

  9. We have a long row on out plot Elaine which have had one or two flowers for a while but this was the first to look so floriferous.

    It certainly wasn't Mark - I'd settle for nondescript after that.

  10. Such pristine flowers! I have a few things up early but they look very bedraggled by the recent weather.

    I was wondering if you might add your garden to Folia the online gardening website (it's free). I'm always looking to encourage more gardeners to join and am having an extra push this week while the weather is keeping most people indoors.

    It's a great resource for gardeners and has helped me keep on top of my 800+ plantings with photo's, notes, journals, milestones etc. They have an extensive plant wiki and a seed stash section where people can also list seeds for swapping. Here's the link to my Folia page so you can see how it works:

  11. Very pretty but so early. I'm seeing bugs everywhere, things will get such a knock if we have a really cold spell.

  12. I'll have a look Cally but I must admit I don't use either my facebook or twitter account much as in many ways you just end up repeating what is on the blog. With my other websites I don't have much time for any additional online activity

    It certainly will give things a bit of a blow BW


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