Thursday, January 19

I bet they wished they'd kept their heads down.

These hellebores are the first ones on flower in the garden - although one has flowered since about November - still lots more to start flowering.

Below the bulbs are pushing through but why do the tulip leaves always get nibbled?

The ones below were photographed in my sister's garden which is very sheltered - ours are just showing the first signs of the white buds but as last year I was about the last to post a snowdrop photo I decided to cheat a little.
Snowdrops not quite open but close
Camellia in bud again in my sister's garden - we were quite excited to see this as it's the first time it has flowered - other than when we first bought it several years ago.

We have a couple of camellias in our garden one of which I'm afraid was subjected to Martyn's pruning tools. It had become immense and so he was fairly brutal - I am hoping some of it survives but they'll be no flowers this year either way.

Another camellia is becoming too large for its allocated spot. Just wondered has anyone ever moved a fairly mature camellia?

The photo above was taken last year - the problem is that if it gets and larger we won't be able to walk past it.


  1. I haven't noticed any bulbs coming up in my garden yet, I must go out and look for them, they're probably hiding. The camellia is lovely, I hope you can move it successfully, it would be such a shame to lose it.

  2. I do like hellebores. I had quite a few but I pulled them all out in a fit of paranoia about the kids eating the leaves - they are highly toxic apparently (My theme of the week it seems). They did do much better for me in the UK anyway.

  3. We shouldn't have any bulbs coming up until March. But, who knows with this crazy weather we have been having.

    I hope that you can move the camellia as it is lovely.

  4. We had a look at moving our camellia once and decided we'd need a JCB to dig it out so it just gets pruned every year. We get loads of flowers early spring which always end up getting caught by frost.

  5. Ny camellia is in a huge pot and was 'proper poorly' last year so I cut it down to a stump, it has started growing again, but I doubt it will flower again for several years - will have to wait and see what happens

  6. It's lovely to see the flowers starting to bud....I just hope the recent cold spell doesn't send them all back into hibernation

  7. We have lots scattered about Jo so I'm sure that you'll have some too

    It's amazing just how many plants are toxic, Liz Maybe we should have a skull and crossbones on our garden gates.

    Ours are about right Robin - every year we think things are early but looking back on photos tells a different story.

    The one we want to use isn't too big, Paul and a wall encloses one side of it - it's just a case of how deep the roots go! Pruning is an alternative but it could end up a strange shape!

    Well that's good news for the one that Martyn assaulted Elaine - I may forgive him!

    I guess that the most that will happen is they will slow down a bit Tanya.

  8. Everything in bloom looks marvellous. Am envious of your mahonia - I put a small one in last autumn.

    If you adore the camellia would it be easier to move the step (or extend it to the right?). Look upon it as an opportunity for a bit of redesign, rather than a problem (I know, I'm a right one to talk ..... it's not me who would be doing the work!)

  9. Nice idea BW but that would mean also moving our pond complete with the wall surrounding it and ...

    At the moment our garden is a bomb site with all the renovation that is going on!

  10. and that's me, full of good ideas! I'd feel quite at home in your garden, it would remind me of my own bombsite {grin}

  11. So it's practically sub-tropical in Ossett is it then?
    I don't have any flowering bulbs yet, though I think the Crocuses are not far off.

  12. colour - yea!!! i have the touch of death when it comes to hellebores :( but my snowdrops in the new back garden! :) i have 3!!! xxx

  13. Well the mahonia is supposed to flower around this time Mark and the hellebores. AS for the snowdrops and camellia bud they are in Rothwell and that is even further north than us!

    Isn't it great to see things coming up for the first time Carrie?

  14. Lots of bulb action there Sue, and so many hellebores! I have very few flowers as yet, but there again I've not yet cut back the old leaves, so I could be in for a surprise or two.

  15. Lovely photos. The camellia is lovely; they do get very big; wonder if they can be cut every year to keep it small? Your sister has a very nice garden.


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