Monday, January 16

Ice crystals

Spurred on by Mark and Jenni, and the fact that we had our first real frost overnight, I thought I should try and get up close and personal with some plants in the garden.

So here goes:
A leaf of ophiopogon planiscapus nigrescens
Acanthus seed head
Lawn - grass has kept on growing!
Heuchera leaf
Heuchera leaf
To be honest I'm a bit disappointed as the photos aren't as sharp as I wanted but I decided to show them anyway - warts and all. I found the structure of the ice crystals fascinating.

Maybe I should try using a tripod - do you Mark, Jenni? The trouble is it was a bit cold to be staying still for long. Any tips will be appreciated.

Not close-up really but just because I like it!

Trachycarpus wagneriana (or Tracky Waggy as we call it)


  1. What is it with you people? Go inside and eat soup! It looks way too cold for anything else. hehehe... I did enjoy the pictures though....

  2. We probably are for most of the time Liz. Just addicted photo takers!

  3. I think winter's finally here, Sue. We've had our third frost in a row, though it's lovely and sunny today. I've just taken the dog for a walk and it's not as cold as it looks when the sun's shining.

  4. stunning photos but too cold to be outside today. Keep warm. Amanda

  5. Ice and water on plants do make for interesting photos! Really eye catching.

  6. I'm also a photographer of soup, I'll have you know...

    Sue, your photos are amazing just as they are. You have got much more detail in yours than most of mine. I must try harder!

    Yes, I do use a tripod quite a lot. I find it very valuable, especially for the long exposure shots.

  7. I think that you're absolutely right Jo brrrrrrr

    I wasn't out long Amanda

    Aesthetically pleasing but temperature wise - not Kelli
    Obviously we all are hyper critical of our own photos Mark as I think yours are sharper than mine - Must get out a tripod - trouble is I'm too impatient.

  8. Well I think they are fantastic photos...what camera do you have Sue???

  9. I've two cameras that I use Tanya

    My older one is a compact Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 It's good for having in a pocket and if I want quick close-ups it's good for that as it has an inbuilt macro zoom

    The newer (although not so new) is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 which has a much better telephoto lens built in but no macro zoom so I attach a separate macro lens to take close-ups which is what I have done for the above photos. I still haven't fully mastered this though.

    They both have lots of custom settings too e.g. night, snow etc which I like as I don't really understand all that messing about with aperture settings and it's good to have it done for you!

  10. It's wonderful to see your icy photos on the other side of the world. We've been sweating today in 35 degree heat. And it's still 29 degrees in the house tonight at 10.30pm. Your pics surely will cool me down a bit before I attempt sleep.

  11. I'm glad to have been of service VG - I'd never survive in your climate although I must admit I do like it to be a bit warmer than it is here at the moment

  12. How pretty, but did you find as soon as it thawed the mud was even worse than usual?

    Raining here now, oh goody, more water ... sigh

  13. The frost and leaves look good! I never experience winter before but it must be very cold though!

  14. We haven't been to the plot BW but in the garden is definitely muddy!

    It is very cold Malar - not as cold as last year though now that was cold!

  15. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing :-) Mel xx

  16. Frost is beautiful, Mel - just a shame that it is cold too!


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