Wednesday, January 11

Garlic update

Now this post will either interest or bore you silly. If it is the latter I'm sorry - I'll try not to write too many garlic update posts - honestly I will try!

The garlic is continuing to grow well in the greenhouse and is needing very little watering as with the damp conditions the compost is remaining moist enough. On the plot the garlic planted directly in the soil is basically standing in mud so it will be interesting to see how it copes!

Now you have my permission to sign out as here follows a variety by variety update.

Lautrec Wight
Lautrec Wight and Germidour continue to be the furthest on with all the cloves in both pots and tub well grown. Lautrec Wight is also growing well on the plot. Germidour is growing on the plot although not quite as well

Edenrose is only slightly behind the two leaders due to one of the cloves planted in a small pot displaying twisted growth. It is also growing well on the plot but again some shoots are twisted.

Close behind is Early Purple Wight - again the cloves in the tub are growing well but in the small pots two of the cloves are showing twisted growth. It's also growing well on the plot.
Early Purple Wight

Next comes Iberian Wight - all the cloves in the tub are growing well and although making slower progress all the clove is the small pots are also growing. One clove seems to have developed two shoots and it was definitely a single clove that I planted. It is slower on the plot though.
Iberian Wight

Just slight behind that comes Albigensian Wight - this time it is the cloves in the small pots that are growing strongest. One clove in the tub is quick a way ahead of the two other cloves that just have small shoots. It's growing fairly well on the plot
Albigensian Wight

The Messidrome cloves growing in the pots are at a similar stage to the variety above as are the cloves growing in the large tub. On the plot I almost missed the one clove that is sprouting as I mistook it for a blade of grass.

Chesnok Red comes next - al the cloves are growing and are all at a similar stage - although I think one shoot in the tub has been nibbled or broken in some way and one of the cloves in the small pot looks as though it is going to grow twisted. On the plot just small shoots.
Chesnok Red

At a similar stage is Wight Christo (excuse the misspelling on the label but I always have to stop myself from writing White instead on Wight and this time I failed). Again all the cloves are growing although one of the ones in the tub is only just starting. Wight Christo is about the same stage on the plot.
Wight Christo

A bringing up the rear is the elephant garlic although each of the three cloves planted are beginning to produce  a shoot even the one at the front which doesn't look to have a shoot from the photo - but there is signs of growth there. Just the odd shoot beginning on the plot


  1. The soil looks very wet, Sue!
    I've finally succumbed to the garlic craze (everyone seems to be growing it now) and have ordered some for Spring planting. It might work...

  2. I've always thought I must have accidently put two cloves in the same hole when I get two shoots - from this I guess I've been wrong. Nice photos - I always think garlic photographs wel.

  3. what a Great assortment of Garlic you have grown, I Love it its an essental in any kitchen, this year I am growing a variety called Gladiator its quite a popular on on my allotment. but i had not heard of it before hand.

  4. It interesting to observe that different variety of garlic progress have different stages of growth although planted the same time.

  5. It's absolutely sodden now Mark!

    I'm sure I didn't pop two cloves in Liz so it must be twins.

    I haven't heard of Gladiator either Stacy.

    It will be interesting to see how the different varieties produce too Diana.

  6. It'll be interesting to look back at these posts and compare how they were doing at the start to what they're like at harvest time. I wonder if any of the slower starters will be ready to harvest first.

  7. Sue, will you be transplanting the potted ones come spring? It's very interesting to see how the different varieties are faring. Glad to hear Mark's been swayed to join the garlic growing craze ;)

  8. The outcome of this detailed experiment will be interesting to see just how the bulbs compare, sizewise. Last year I produced my biggest bulbs so far, and I think that was because they were big cloves I put in and they were proper varieties for growing. The ones I have in the raised bed at the moment haven't really grown much since I took them out of their pots and put them in the ground and the tips of the foliage is going a little yellow. Not sure what is causing that, we will just have to wait and see.

  9. It will be Jo I'll now doubt let you know what happens,

    Yes I will be planting out the ones in pots Jenni in early spring. The ones on tubs will stay in tubs.

    It will Elaine, the trouble is that the test won't be absolutely fair as the bulbs that were sent were different sizes and the cloves different sizes too but that was out of my control. Lots of people complain of yellow tips on garlic leaves and if it was spring I'd suggest a nitrogen feed.

  10. Your soil is looking very have obviously had a lot more rain than us...or maybe our site just has better drainage??

    I still have no garlic...although it was ordered well before Christmas I am still waiting for my delivery which is incredibly annoying. I guess I will be planting it in the spring this year But I do know that next year I will be buying it elsewhere.

    I had a good garlic crop last year which we are still eating so I hope a late plating doesn't affect the yield.

    Your plants both in and out look very healthy!

  11. It's sodden Tanya but it is clay soil so doesn't drain well.

    Who did you order your garlic from - go on shame them?

  12. This is a classic experimental trial, and well reported on. Hope you'll do another report at harvest time to draw conclusions. Sorry, hope that doesn't sound too formal!!

  13. Thompson and Morgan!!!

    They are usually very good...maybe they ran out of stock and they then realised that it would sit for the winter when they received more so they will send me it in time for spring planting?!?!

  14. No it didn't sound formal Woody and yes I will report back at harvest time and probably once the ones in pots have been planted out for a while.

    The elephant garlic is starting to grow away now too.

    They are aren't they Tanya - we got ours from T&M. Have you emailed them to ask them what they are playing at. It was T&M who sold us the nectarine that turned out to be a peach but as soon as I emailed them they emailed back apologising and saying they would send a nectarine in February.

  15. Sue, I was sure I had commented on this. Hmmph, is Blogger eating my posts or my memory? Wanted to say what an interesting post and you must never apologise. This is your blog, your records, your journal so you write what you like!

    Not growing my own garlic this year so I will watch your trials carefully.

  16. Do you know BW now I've read your comment I do remember saying the same thing to someone else recently - we never listen to our own advice do we?


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