Monday, March 30

Pricking out young seedlings.

We germinate most of our seeds in seeds trays and transplant out into the plot as young plants. Most young seedlings need pricking out once they have germinated.
If you are new to gardening and are unsure of how to do this click here


  1. This is excellent posting. More please.

  2. Glad you found it useful any particular subject for a similar posting that you would find useful?

  3. How to plant carrots and not get the fly

  4. Happy gardenerApril 01, 2009

    Surround your carrots with onions and garlic.

  5. Hi Anon,
    We are due to sow carrots soon and so will do a posting - in short we cover our carrots with environmesh - we did use fleece for a while which was also effective but fleece doesn't last as long.
    See website as there is a bit here.

  6. the web address should end ikml - a bit was cut off

  7. Just read about companion planting with onions. Apparently field trials have been carried out on this and it did have a 'small' effect but only if 4 rows of onions were sown to every row of carrots! And only whilst the onions are making leafy growth. Have you had more success than that Happy?


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