Monday, March 9

The March winds are certainly blowing!

March is coming in like a lion so hopefully, (as the saying promises), will go out like a lamb!

To me the start of March signals that the growing season will now begin in earnest. It’s the month to shake off the slippers and tug on the boots and make a more concerted effort to get onto the plot and into the garden.

This week has been a mixed bag weatherwise. In the sunshine it has been quite a pleasure to be outside but at other times it has been bitterly cold with even a little sleet and hail. There have also been strong winds and just for a change some rain. The main jobs on the plot are still really tidying and constructing rather than any planting or sowing.

The March diary (click here) has been begun and hopefully will soon describe more action on the plot and in the garden than has taken place so far this year. Well gardening action anyway!!!

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