Sunday, March 15

Association AGM

Message from Alastair on behalf of the GLAA

Please be advised that:
The AGM for the Green Lane Allotments Association
will take place on
Wednesday 25th March
The Old Mill pub
7:30pm prompt

Any items for the agenda should be forwarded to Alastair by the 18th March.


  1. name withdrawn for fear of intimidationMarch 17, 2009

    The peasants are revolting; the peasants are revolting.

  2. Self appointed site secretaryMarch 17, 2009

    Your right most of them are revolting

  3. You can't be the site secretary, because I am.

  4. I didn't think we had a site secretary! Didn't he resign?

  5. THE CLARIFIERMarch 17, 2009

    That's old news; we now have some bloke wondering around site claiming to be the acting site secretary; apparently the majority want him in. Who this majority is, is anyones guess ! He didn't ask me or anyone i have spoken to so goodness knows who he thinks is the majority. Maybe he has been talking to his chickens.

  6. I don't want to cause upset but I am now acting site secretary; I have just phoned my mam and she said it's my turn to have a go at being site secretary, as long as its before 7pm and the gates are locked.

  7. I fancy pigeonsMarch 18, 2009

    I'm not going to lock the gates, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, and if you try to make me I will cry and tell the acting secretary

  8. aktin sight secretriMarch 18, 2009

    Ani coments four this blogg shud bee pased threw mi furst.

  9. vote TRACY TOWNSEND for site secretary.

  10. i have done


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