Tuesday, February 12

Phase One is Complete!

Phase 1 of our boundary replacement is now complete. The contractors have done a good job for us and have also cleared away all the rubbish that someone fly tipped by throwing over the original fence. They also did some clearing outside of the gates - after the photos were taken. Thanks to Jan for 'supervising' the work!


We now need to ensure that the gates are locked by whoever is in the last vehicle to leave the site. Could you please make sure that the padlock is easily accessible from the outside of the site when you lock up.

Not to rest on our laurels I have asked the contractor to provide quotes for phase 2 i.e. the top section of fencing which is now our most vulnerable area. The contractors are going to quote for the top two gates separately so that if necessary we can divide up this work. Anyone with ideas for more fund raising - especially anyone willing to volunteer to arrange a fund raising activity please talk to me or email me about it.

Again many thanks to those of you who have supported us through our blog and web site!

Just a reminder of why we aren't there just yet!


  1. I think the association secretary must be able to see the future judging by his comments on a previous post. It's all well and good that I managed to obtain planning permission for the fence and that Sue has spent hours of her own time and effort sourcing funding for the fence, but tonight at 9:00pm I wandered down to the gates and would you believe it, they might have been closed, but they certainly were not locked... what is the point. Come on play the game and lock the gates after you.

  2. This is disappointing. Let's just hope that the person who left the gate open assumed that it was still not possible to lock it. Unlikely but just giving the benefit of doubt. It takes just as much effort to open/shut the gate as to lock and unlock it so I really can't see what the problem was. I know that Jan locked the gate earlier in the evening. Please don't leave gates unlocked because you think someone else may come later or that you are returning later. It only takes minutes for vandals to cause damage to someone's property. Probably not to the property of the person who failed to lock up either. We rely on EVERYONE to do their bit! If there is a problem that we haven't foreseen then tell us about it!


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