Wednesday, February 13

Gardening Tools and Equipment

There is such a wide range of gardening tools and equipment available that a new gardener can often be bewildered when trying to choose what they should buy.

Is there a tool or piece of equipment that you just couldn't be without? Help those new to gardening by telling us what it is and why it is so useful by posting a comment here. Personal I couldn't be without my hand held onion hoe. I only bought it last year and have found it to be really useful when weeding between closely set out plants - not just onions either!


  1. My Sneeboer short fat trowel is never far from my side when I'm working in the garden. It's hand-forged and therefore unique - which adds to its appeal - and I've had it for just over three years. It's well balanced, the handle's comfortable and it's big enough for transplanting but small enough for detailed work as well. I love it!

    I've attached a link to an image I took of the trowel when I was planting out broad beans last year and I expect to be using it for many more years.

    Martin Fiddes - Head of Harrod Horticultural Kitchen Garden Project

  2. Thanks Martin,
    I deleted your repeated comment - and I've added your trowel to our shopping pages.


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