Monday, February 4

Association Matters

Association Election and AGM

It doesn't seem to be almost a year since we had our last annual meeting of the association. However, it is and the time has come to consider the election of officers for the committee. For your information below I have copied the parts of the constitution that refer to the election:

Election of Officers

  1. Nominations for Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and other officers shall be put forward by the end of last week in February
  2. Any registered voter may be nominated for office
  3. Candidates for election of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer shall require two nominators, neither of which can be themselves or family members
    Candidates may only be nominated for one of the following roles – chair, secretary or treasurer
  4. Unsuccessful candidates for the above roles shall automatically be considered for membership of the extended committee. i.e. committee members other than the chair, secretary and treasurer
  5. Ballots for election of members of the Management Committee, if required, shall be carried out and all voting slips handed in at least three days before the Annual General Meeting.
  6. The site secretary shall organise the ballot for election of officers to the Management Committee where this is necessary.
  7. Where necessary election of extended committee members shall take place within a fortnight of the ballot for the election of the management committee.

If you wish to nominate anyone for the roles of Chair, Secretary or Treasurer can you please contact me - either personally or by email - and I will make sure that you are given a nomination slip. Could you please do this as soon as possible.
If you wish to be considered as a member of the association committee then also please contact me.

Please be assured that everyone is welcome should they wish to join the committee in any capacity.

Annual General Meeting:

The annual general meeting is due to be held during the last week of March and I would be grateful for any comments regarding the timing and location of this meeting.

See extract of the constitution below:
An Annual General Meeting shall be held during the last week in March each year to receive the Committee’s report and accounts, and to announce the results of any election ballots to appoint members of the Executive Committee.

This message has been emailed to all tenants who I have email addresses for and will also be posted on the notice board for those without email or access to the Internet. I would be very grateful, however, if you would pass on the contents of this post to any neighbour that you know of who does not have Internet connectivity as I don't want anyone to be left out of the loop!

Existing Committee:

It would also help if existing committee members could let me know whether or not they would wish to be considered for places on the committee again this year.


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