Wednesday, September 26

So who has been eating our hazel nuts?

Under our hazel bushes are lots of broken hazel nut shells.


Just wonder if someone like this could be the culprit?

squirrel sitting

I haven't seen any squirrels on the site. Has anyone else? We certainly have some in the garden at home where they are busily stealing the peanuts put out for the birds and burying them. Click here to read about grey squirrels and view the video clip of a squirrel busy in our garden. Must admit we did encourage him or her. If squirrels are helping themselves to the hazel nuts then they are welcome to them. I took some home and they weren't paticularly nice.

1 comment:

  1. squirrel nutkin said.....

    It wasn't me, honest! But seriously, I have seen squirrels on the wall at he back of my allotment, under the trees.


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