Friday, September 21

Should the government directly support allotment regeneration?

Allotment spending seems to be another example of postcode lottery. Some councils provide their sites with sheds, wood and paving and others spend a pitiful amount on their sites.

So is it time the government stepped in and put some ring-fenced funding directly into allotment regeneration?

Click here to read why I think that they should. If you agree with me then do what I did and write to your MP!

The Government department responsible for allotments is The Department of Communities and Local Government - I wrote to them too but just got a stock reply saying that they couldn't dictate to local councils, which wasn't the point that I made in the letter. I sort of knew that already - I wanted some direct givernment support.
In the Planning Policy Guidance 17: Planning for open space, sport and recreation which was added to their website in August 2007. I could only spot word allotment mentioned once (correct me if I am wrong) and this mention was as seventh in a list of ten areas which come under the broad title of Green Space.

In an article on their web site dated 16 March 2005 (a very short article) it stated
"What is our policy for allotments
Allotments and community gardens are valuable green spaces that can help improve people's quality of life by promoting healthy food, exercise and community interaction.
Communities and Local Government (Communities and Local Government) is responsible for government policy on allotments. It is our aim that allotments should be properly preserved, promoted and cared for."

Strange it seems that this page on the web site has suddenly disappeared! I'll post a link if it reappears.

By the way Hazel Blears is the minister in overall chrage of this department so I am going to try her next! At least we can let them all know that we exist!

You may also be interested in the publication Allotments - A Plot holders guide. It was published in December 2001 and is freely downloadable. Page 5 - What can I expect to be provided? may be of interest.

What do you think? Do you live in an area where allotments fare well? Tell us about it! .

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