Wednesday, September 5

Minutes of Meeting on 29 July 2007

The minutes from the meeting on 29 July 2007 are now available on the web site - click here to view. It isn't too late to send in your views about the time, place and frequency of the association meetings. But could you please email by the end of this week.


  1. Just one amendment:

    "At the first meeting of the association people asked for ....."

    should read:

    "At the associations first meeting of the year people asked for...."

    As the association has been running for three years and not just since the first meeting this year when meeting frequency was raised.

  2. Apologies, Plot 56, you are quite right; the association has being running 3 years, and I for one think it's been doing a blooming good job in that time, particularly the acquisition of 1200 sqm of geotextile.

  3. It's also doing a great job now. We never had funds before, and this blog site is great.

  4. Sorry - my fault too as I was supposed to have read the minutes before I popped them on the web. Just missed that one - I will correct it


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