Saturday, July 10

Birds and bees

It's good to take time-out to watch the birds and the bees.

I'm sure that this young blackbird was quite capable of picking mealworms out of the dish itself but it preferred to hassle its mum.

The tiny bee below was content to browse the head of an achillea.
Anyone , (maybe Mal), any idea what type of bee it is - the individual achillea floret should give some idea of size?

A swarm of honeybees have taken up temporary residence on the corner of fellow plot holders Charlie and Gill's shed.

For more information, video and photographs of bees click here


  1. I love watching the young birds being fed by their parents, so cute.

  2. wow...bees on the plot...are they still there??? Do you think you will let them take up permanent residence if they choose to?? I have often thought about bees and would love to keep my own but of course there are lots of things to think about and as of yet I;m not sure it's such a great idea to do on my own....

  3. A swarm of bees is a rare sight these days if all the news articles are right and their numbers are crashing. What do you do call a beekeeper to come and get them into a hive?

  4. Hi Tanya
    The person who's shed they have landed on asked to keep bees but our allotments officer said no. If you plan to keep bees you need to have training so you know what is involved - you could do the training and see if you still fancied the idea.

    Hello Damo, The couple rang a bee keeper and he said that the bees were probably just resting and would move on but to call him if they stayed there. Must admit we thought that he would be keener to come straight away as you say swarms are rare.

  5. Hi Jo, Plenty of baby sparrows too at the moment all squeaking and flapping their wings. Watching the babies learn to take a bath is amusing - lots of wing flapping with just geet in the water


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