Friday, May 7

The year of Biodiversity

2010 has been declared by the UN as the International Year of Biodiversity. Many organisations including the RHS are holding events that support this.

On May 22 the RHS are launching summer wildlife trails at each of the RHS gardens. The trails are designed to give visitors ideas for how they can encourage biodiversity in their own gardens. They are also featuring biodiversity in their display at the Chelsea flower show where they will highlight that gardens are Britain’s biggest wildlife reserve and offer ideas of how we can help wildlife flourish.

You can also download an Natural England publication offering ideas for how you can encourage wildlife on an allotment plot.

This all set me thinking of how wildlife friendly our garden and allotment plot were. If you just sit and think about it - it is amazing just how much you can do to help wildlife without really thinking about it.

I decided to write an article on my website describing of just what we have done to help encourage biodiversity on our plot and in our garden. It was all really done for selfish reasons as for me part of the joy of having a garden or being at the plot is to share the environment with nature.

To read my article click here

Please note that following the information on my last post this is my new website which will be housed at It will take me quite a while to transfer all the content from my old website which is still active and so many links will be inactive. Also the design isn't yet completed but I didn't want to waste time writing new pages for a website that will soon be discontinued


  1. I went over and read the's great and has given me some ideas for my plot...I have bird feeders and stuff in my garden as I love to attract the wildlife and now I'm thinking I can do this on the plot too.

  2. I try to attract as much wildlife in my garden as I can, but I want to attract more to the allotment too. I would like to put a wildlife pond in the plot eventually.

  3. Hi Tanya - Glad you found it interesting - I really think you can't be a gardener and not love wildlife - things like slugs excepted

    Hello Jo - We have toyed with a pond idea for the plot too.


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