Wednesday, May 5

Everything is coming up!

Last week was quite successful. It's always a tense time watching for parsnip and carrot seedlings to push through but push through they have! Just hope the slugs and snails leave them alone! Carrots top left and parsnips bottom - the other seedlings are pea top right salad leaves bottom right.

The potatoes are beginning to come through too - the photo is Red Duke of York - the colour of the leaves is lovely - but some other varieties are popping through too. It must be so frustrating reaching daylight only to be plunged back into darkness but with the cold nights - days too - that we have been having they should be grateful.

The potatoes growing in bags in the greenhouse have flowers buds. These are Maris Bard. Just hope the size of the plants mean that we will get a reasonable crop of early new potatoes.

I have however saved the best 'til last. Our kiwis have lots of flower buds - only five flowers last year and no fruits. We'd be really really pleased if just one of the flower buds produced a fruit that we could share.

For information on growing kiwi Jenny click here although ours are different varieties!

My full diary entry for the last week of April - yes it's May now, how did that happen so quickly? - is here with lots more photographs and a video clip here.

A summary of April's weather is here


  1. Kiwis! Exciting! Can't wait to see how they do!

  2. I have a small Kiwi (Jenny) which is only about 5 inches tall at the moment. I've got it in a pot in the greenhouse at the moment, i'm not sure about planting it out, it seems a little small to go out at the moment, how and when did you put yours into the ground?

  3. The foliage on the Red Duke of York is lovely, different from the norm. Your greenhouse spuds look nice and healthy, you should be getting your first taste soon. Good luck with the kiwi, I hope it fruits for you.

  4. How lovely to have your kiwi in bud. I ought to get one - my daughter is called Jenny! I already have a narcissus by that name.

  5. HP - Neither of ours are Jenny but we planted them when they were about two feet high. I'd let it grow a bit more before planting and not plant out 'til after the frost have passed - I've found some information about growing jenny and have added a link to the post.

    Jo - The foliage is lovely isn't it - I'm not sure whether or not it stays this colour once is develops - just have to hope there are some potatoes when we tip out the bags!

    VH - I know one of ours is Hayward but can't remember the other - they were bought so they would pollinate each other but Jenny is self pollinating and I think has smaller fruits.

  6. When do you anticipate the kiwis will produce full fruit for you. They look spectacular!!

  7. Hi Tabletop
    Absolutely no idea! They have never fruited before. I daren't anticipate at all!

  8. This is always both an exciting and rather stressful time when we wonder if all the work we have put in has paid off! My early pots are doing nothing so I am now wondering if the late frosts have killed them off.

  9. Visited the plot tonight. Good news: The first few of my spuds are up. Bad news: I've seen the effects of frost on them. Prepare for mounding.

  10. Oh I am ssooooooooo jealous. Hardly anything is coming through on my plot yet except the onions...the only reason there is colour as because i planted some seedlings.....and my kiwi died!!

    I'm leaving for a little sulk now!

  11. Mark - I think if the frost has had the tops there is still chance that they will sprout - this has happened to us in the past but also surely you would see signs of blackened tops.

    Mal - we have been covering ours as they peep through too.

    Tanya - I'm sure things will start happening soon - how old was your kiwi? Hope you sulk is over - I'm sulking too - see next post!

  12. My kiwi didn't live past a year....thought about getting another but don't know if it would be worth it??


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