Tuesday, May 11

Believe it or not it IS May!

Spring may have seemed to have sprung at the end of April but at the start of May it appears to have retreated. If this goes on my fingers and toes will grow permanently into a crossed position as the low temperatures threaten the promise of a successful cropping season. The weather conditions are fully explained on our weather blog.

Small plants and seedlings which are filling up the garden greenhouse are being covered with fleece each night in an attempt to protect them from the worst of the cold temperatures. Young cucumbers had showed signs of distress but appear to be rallying. Growth although happening is fairly slow moving. It’s May for heaven’s sake and our planet is supposed to be warming up.

One good bit of news however, is that our tree fern is now producing new fronds.

As far as visiting the plot each day we seem to go through a shall we ... shall we not ... routine and so this week we have concentrated more on working in the garden.

We have turned out attention to some previously neglected areas in the garden but So far it has been a tidy up and throw away campaign in preparation for the start of new projects - I’ll save news of these for another week. 

My full diary entry and photo album for last week can be viewed here 

This is posted on our NEW website and so please forgive the fact that the website isn't in its finished state.

By the way I've started a poll asking which is your favourite season - it's on the sidebar of the blog. I voted for spring which has always been my favourite season but maybe after the last few days I need to reassess!


  1. I know what you mean about the summer...it is just as cold around here and my potatoes are so slow to show this year....it makes me think about this global warming stuff they keep ramming down our necks...cold winter and spring....maybe they'll blame the volcano in Iceland!!

  2. I forgot to say how great everything is looking though...I have put most of my stuff i n the ground..it seems to be coping ...well so far....

  3. Hiya, Love your Blog!
    I've just got my first allotment and I'm so excited about it.
    Looking forward to stopping by for lots of Fab tips!
    Thankyou for Sharing!

  4. Hi Tanya, Went to the plot yesterday and our potatoes have been knocked back by frost!

    Hi Syders Thanks for visiting and posting a comment - I hope you enjoy your allotment - by the way if you haven't already visit our website
    http://glallotments.co.uk (no www) as I have written loads of stuff on there about how we grow things etc. AS stuff is being transferred from our old site - as yet it doesn't look as neat as it should and many links may be broken but we will get there.

  5. I need to get my garden sorted out too, it's a little neglected at the moment. This weather is driving me mad. Even when it's sunny it's still cold and I've got the heating back on again.

  6. All the spuds on our allotment site have been frosted, even when only a little bit is showing. Still, everything's under the soil and busting to go - they recover. Just a later crop.

  7. Hi Jo - It certainly is cold - we neglected our garden last year spending all our time at the plot so we are going to try and balance our time more this year.

    Hi VH - Yes our potatoes have been frosted before and seem to have still recovered and produced so hopefully it will be the same this year.


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