Tuesday, July 29

July diary is complete

The latest photographs were taken on July 27 2008 - July like June has been a bit of a disappointment. During the last full weekend of July the weather seemed to remember that it was summer and sent the sun out with a vengeance. Having not had previous good weather to enable our bodies to acclimatise for many it was too hot to venture out from shade. The above photos provide testimony to that as plots are desserted. Despite the weather we are beginning to reap the benefits of our labours, that is those of us who haven't had our crops devastated by the manure problem. Some of the crops affected earlier are starting to show signs of recovery, however others are just a lost cause and others are beginning to show signs of distress. It's been a bit of a disappointing season all round really.
Still good weather on the 29th so maybe summer has come at last! Click here for July diary page.

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