Win a £25 voucher to spend on the website.

You could use the voucher to buy their allotment multipack collection This multipack contains the 25 most commonly purchased varieties of seeds the company sell to allotmenteers. They say it's a great way to make sure you are covering all bases. Alternatively just browse their website and choose your own collection.
The competition is open to visitors to any of our three blogs and two websites. Unfortunately the seed company only ship within Europe.

To enter the competition all you have to do is post a comment to this page stating:
Your favourite vegetable
Your favourite fruit
Your favourite herb
Your favourite flower
Your favourite gardening tool

Everyone who posts a comment will be entered into a prize draw with the winner receiving the £25 voucher - the list of favourites is just for fun and to make you work a little bit for the prize!

The closing date for entry is 19 November 2010


  1. Hi what a great give away!

    My favourite vegetable is the pea
    My favourite fruit is a raspberry
    My favourite herb is chive
    My favourite flower is allium
    My favourite gardening tool is a dibber

  2. Good Luck 8x6 first entry!!!

  3. Great idea, even better with the competition ;>)

    Vegetable: Broad Bean
    Fruit: Strawberry
    Herb: Coriander
    Flower: Sweet Pea
    Gardening Tool: Azada

  4. An Azada is a great tool..
    see here..

    Veggie: Carrot
    Fruit: Strawberry
    Herb: Mint
    Flower: Rose
    Tool: Wheelbarrow

  5. Thanks Zeb - I could think of a few things I could use the pointed one for but maybe nothing to do with gardening!

  6. Beetroot
    My lilac wheelbarrow
    That took some thinking about, will have to have a cup of tea now!

  7. Count me in for the giveaway please, what a great prize.

    My Favourite Vegetable - Parsnip. A Sunday dinner isn't a Sunday dinner without a parsnip on the plate.

    My Favourite Fruit - Strawberry. I'm definitely getting some everbearers for next year, the strawberry season is just too short without them.

    My Favourite Herb - Chives. So easy to grow and adds that something extra to a cheese sandwich as well as providing pretty flowers which the bees love.

    My Favourite Flower - Fuchsia. I like the very understated varieties such as Hawkshead best.

    My Favourite Gardening Tool - Secateurs. I was lucky enough to find a pair of Felcos in the Wilkinson's sale for £10 and I love them. I think I use them every time I visit the allotment for one job or another.

    Good luck in the giveaway everyone.

  8. Great idea

    My favourite vegetable is a Leek
    My favourite fruit is a Raspberry
    My favourite herb is Basil
    My favourite flower is a Cornflower
    My favourite tool is an Azada

  9. Hope you enjoyed your tea Fran.

    You're well and truly counted in Jo.

    Another azada Woody and here's me never having heard of one before today!!

  10. Well to be honest, it was reading one of Woody's posts that put my on to an Azada. Cracking tool, especially useful in clearing ground full of roots and weeds.

  11. Count me in too!!! :)

    Your favourite vegetable

    Your favourite fruit

    Your favourite herb

    Your favourite flower

    Your favourite gardening tool
    Wheel Barrow

  12. Nice, I want in to0.. can i send it to someone else if I win?

    My favorite Vegetable: Tomato (Does it count as vegetable)
    My favorite Fruit: Strawberry
    My favorite herb: lavender
    My favorite flower: Red rose
    My favorite gardening tool: My hands! love to feel the soil

  13. Good Luck Craig - although you seem to have plenty of that on your site.

    Hi ~fer I don't see why not I've entered you.

  14. I'll let you count tomato as a vegetable ~fer even thought technically it's a fruit!

  15. If this was a facebook page I'd 'Like' it!

    Favourite veg celery
    Favourite fruit strawberry
    favourite herb basil
    favourite flower Bishop of Llandaff dahlia
    favourite gardening tool a hand fork

    Got my fingers and legs crossed!

  16. Thanks for the entry SG hope you can still walk around with legs crossed!

  17. My favourite vegetable is sweetcorn
    My favourite fruit is an apple (crumble)
    My favourite herb is basil: pesto mmm
    My favourite flower is the sweat pea - (might get some to grow next year!)
    My favourite gardening tool is my watering can (filled from my water butts)

  18. Welcome PhilKi and good luck

  19. Hiya, I`ve got to give this a go,wish me luck.
    Vegetable: Brocolli
    Fruit: Blueberries
    Herb: Garlic Chives
    Tool:Garden Hoe

  20. Hiya Neice
    Good to hear from you - I hope your plot did well last season.

  21. Hi Sue....Things have gone great on the plot this year, grown lots of lovely fruit and veg,still got a lot to learn but enjoying myself loads.xXx

  22. Great giveaway and here goes:

    Favourite veg is parsnips, great as part of a roast dinner.
    Fruit is pears, I love Perry!
    Herb is coriander, for the curries.
    Flower is a Dahlia.
    And tool is a rake, how satisfying is preparing a new bed, beautifully raked over and weed free - enjoy it while it lasts!

    Fingers crossed!

  23. Just sneaked in under the wire Damo

  24. I hope it is not too late to enter and I hope countries outside EU can join in.

    Here it is:
    My favourite vegetable: tomato
    My favourite fruit: apple
    My favourite herb: chive
    My favourite flower: rose
    My favourite gardening tool: hoe

  25. Am I in time?
    My favorite vegetable is, gosh there's so many ahh sprout
    My favorite fruit blackberry, no on second thoughts apple
    My favorite herb, now this is easy basil.
    My favorite flower Dahlia
    My favorite gardening tool is a trowel

  26. Hi Vrtlarica and Cpt S - yes both are in time.

  27. I can't receive the prize but I just join in for fun.

    Our favourite vegetable: Cauliflowers
    Our favourite fruit: Strawberries
    Our favourite herb: Lemon Basil
    Our favourite flower: Gerbera
    Our favourite gardening tool: Trowel

  28. I'm sorry you can't win the prize MKG - I think it is something to do with the export paperwork that the company have to complete for shipping outside of Europe and also the cost of postage. Thanks for your list though.


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